Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Rain floods Mumbai Posted by Picasa

Water water everywhere not a drop to drink!!!

It is tragic to see what the city of Mumbai is facing... the rain gods have lashed out against the city... thousands stranded without food, dry clothes or shelter, many buried under rocks from landslides and even more trapped in their homes and offices with nothing but the reassurance that the rain gods will have mercy on them some day... hopefully soon.
The lifeline of mumbai the local trains are at a standstill, the BEST is not functioning, the water is too deep for cars.... people are walking it home. People are stuck in their car with water flooding in... a person i know left marine drive to head home and reached thane, his destination 18 hours later!!
There are innumerable such stories of people struggling to get home but for those whose homes are now deep in water where do they go... there isnt dry land left in Mumbai...
And to add to their plight the rain continues.............

Monday, July 25, 2005

Death to the death-eaters

I just finished with Harry Potter and The half blood prince and i am still at Hogwarts by the lake side. For those who have read it you will know what i mean. As you may have inferred if you have read my blog that i am quite an emotional person, i feel the sorrow that i see or read... this is what precisely happened when i finished with the book. I was in the same state as all the characters in the book touched hurt and deeply wounded. For those who have not yet touched the enchanted 6th i shall not divulge into any details because the book is invaluable to disregard its worth and reveal its secrets to future readers. Long live harry potter and his brave set of friends and all the best to them ...

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Neglected deserted abandoned........

I cannot believe this day has come. The thought had never crossed my mind that life would play such tricks on me. This is the end, friends do not notice you or want you. When you turn there is no one for miles let alone two steps behind. What do you live for now? what will keep you going ? I can see satan pointing his long bloody fingers at me and saying "That is what you get when you dont blog regularly you ass" Huh?

On contemplating i agree with the big red 'horny' fellow... you get what you give (something like return gifts in birthday parties) in my case i gave nothing so i got I agree its been too long. Sleeping Beauty must be getting a complex, we share the common love for slumber though mine has been a long siesta from the literary world. I also agree that although i do have my blogger in shining armour who endures the extended wait with patience to drop a comment, more comments would make my day.

SO from now on I pledge my devotion to Blogland and promise to give you a dose of prose more often... what say?

Saturday, July 09, 2005


I have realised that it is not just kids but adults too who go absolutely gaga over a new toy ( here I must declare that I have included myself in the study under the adults category).
I am a very proud (you may say excessively proud) owner of one of the latest models of a Sony Digicam. Although it has been days since I have bought it I still gush over it like a baby. I didn't know that one could get so possessive over its well being (sounds more appropriate for a boy friend). But all I can say is I am hooked; smitten by that shiny black body, all I can think of is to hold it in my hand and CLICK!
This happens all the time with almost everybody (except for those who have shunned all worldly possessions). Whether you get a new cell with/out a camera or a new awesome comp or sometime long ago your new bike you go through a phase in which all you can do is think of the latest entry in your life.
It just shows how much such possessions mean to us. Possessing something mean that 'belongs to you'...this you gets an identity an importance. Whatever said and done it may mean a lot to you for that standing amongst others or you may just like to concentrate you affection and attention on a new thing... your bike, cam, comp or g/bf.... but then it wears off right...?