Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Herd of Wild Elephants at Dhikala,Corbett National Park,Uttaranchal Posted by Hello

I'm back...

My absense from the literary world of the nearly famous bloggers without prior notice is certainly unforgiveable, but due to certain unavoidable circumstances created by those controlling forces we call family i had to abstain myself from the creative kingdom. My humble apologies to all.
Actually I was up close and personal with nature allowing myself to be engulfed by the beauty and mystery of the Corbett National Park deep within the Kumaon ranges. Although the cat family refused the proposal of a rendezvous with us in their humble abode we developed a rapport with many other wild animals. Civilisation was something we left behind and even happily so; out of reach from all amidst the forest i found peace (considering i still had exam hangover). Futheron we explored the cultures of the northern regions, their variations, their colours. Returning home after a long soujorn it is good to be back yet something draws me, somewhere deep within a desire has kindled in my heart to decipher the gaze of those innocent eyes looking at me through the deep shadows of the forest.