Friday, September 07, 2007

Dont cry my friend...

Run my dear, run though the forests and mines,
Through those creepers and vines,
Fight the fear, brave the storms...
Come here dear into my arms.

Dont cry, shed no tear,
Leave all anxiety, leave all fear,
Life's path may be full of ups and downs,
But you will find me if you turn around.

Life is unfair a lot many times,
You think that none of life's tunes rhyme,
When your boat of confidence is stranded in the stormy sea,
Adjusting the mast you will find me.

When you think the world is against you,
Things to excite you are rare and few,
Step out of the dizzy tide,
Come here dear in my heart you can hide.

I will be there for you, you need not ask,
With me you need to wear no mask,
Come to me when you want to talk, to smile,
Come to me when you want to cry for a while,
I promise you dear friend when life ends and we die,
On the sands of life together we will lie...