Tuesday, December 27, 2005

When I look into your eye……

Yesterday, I looked into your eyes,
I knew at once they held no lies,
And all I saw was true love,
Reaching out to me like a free dove.
I lowered my eyes with fear,
That the look may drive me near,
May make my eyes linger in yours,
Make me drown in love so pure.
I’m afraid to open out the door,
Although my heart may want for more,
My mind tells me you may lose all,
And it may lead to an autumn fall.
But then I know I have to let go,
Because without opening your wings you will never soar,
You may not know what is in store,
Because life is a mystery right to the core.
And more mysterious are your ways,
And so my heart to me says:
All that you felt was dear,
Was always held close and near,
Then why do you distance a heart of gold,
The warmth in the chilling cold.
Your simple ways and smiling face,
Have found in my heart a special place,
So do I fear the future,
Of the relationship we have to nurture?
No, it is the fear of a person,
The person who is I,
Because afraid to let go I still don’t know,
What I must do when I look into your eye.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Love to LIVE IN?!!

I was trying to get some control systems into my head when out of the blue my mom popped the question "What do the younger genera (i.e. me) think of the concept of live-in-relationships." A little skeptic as to why I was asked the question so suddenly I feared where this was headed but then mom clarified. Her group of social butterflies were discussing the topic, the origin of the debate: Salaam Namaste. As is obvious they did not infer that it was 'right' or 'wrong' but instead thought that it is the lofty ideas and unnecessary importance given to such relationships that triggers people into getting into them... I disagree!

I havent seen Salaam Namaste so I have no idea how they have portrayed the Live In relationship but I do know that people who get into them dont do so for the fascination or the hoopla about them... In actuality our society silently condemns such 'impure' relations...
Maybe if such a decision was left to me I wouldnt get into one but thats an individual choice. Each one of us is entitled to his own opinions and decisions and I feel that no one would get into such a relationship with so much social stigma attached to it without thinking...
It maybe casual for those brought up abroad or for those settling there but even they do attach importance to the fact that moving in together takes a relationship one step further... It is considered important. Those who dont think their relationship is that strong Dont move in together... its as simple!
It is a new concept, i agree it will take time to settle in but all i want to stress is that our generation does think... the impulsiveness is always there and sometimes it does lead the wrong way but in the end for most of us the decisions we make are thought over... they are not based on lofty ideas or fads or fascinations... they are made considering the consequences...

We do take steps put together by the heart AND mind.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005


If you are one of the few who sat through the trauma of watching India's movie to the oscars you will have the same thoughts as i do.... WHAT BULLSHIT???
Paheli was not only the most senseless movie but also the most unneccessarily hyped too. I understand that it is a famous folklore et al but cant you just leave it at that!! Why make a three hour boring movie about a ghost who falls in love with a beautiful mortal takes her husbands place. Then comes a baby??? hello? thats a little too much.. the baby should have been satan or with a tail or a ghost atleast to make it even a weebit interesting... i think there may be a sequel!
All in all Paheli came we saw it and it sucked and that should have been the end of it BUT....

Black should have gone to the oscars for sure it was such a marvellous movie... it had so much meaning in it...it completely touched my heart. What performances...what a story. It was complete Oscar material...

I have no idea what was behind this 'fair' selection but i can surely say that India has lost its chance of getting its first Oscar!!

Friday, September 16, 2005

How dare they....?

Imagine being stranded of FC Road... impossible? I just discovered otherwise...

The scene is like this... considering the annoying nature of the rains my friend and i decided to go to class taken in fergusson college by the wretched auto rickshaw. Its 9 o'clock and after going through a whirlwind of a class we were already a little tired and wished to go home. We do not stay in some other village, just Karvenagar but yet can you believe it 17 rickshawwalas refused us a ride!!

Firsty they have absolutely no right to do that, they are to take a passenger wherever he wishes to go even if its timbuctoo.
Secondly they had the nerve of asking us for 10 rupees more or worse one and a half times the fare...how dare they... it was 9.15pm not 1.15am!!
Thirdly they are so rude and uppish that they do not even bother to reply... they just ride off!!!

All this may seem trivial but it took us an hour and a lot of walking and nerve wrecking to finally reach home... ive learnt my lesson i prefer the lashing rains...

All this made me think...Its the same case everywhere... whether its a government office or even our college students section or the rickshawwalas, bus drivers, shop keepers ...we have to confront egotism and haughtiness...

How are we ever going to develop as a nation if the lower strata of society continues to be arrogant and wallow in some virtual pride!!

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Sania Mania....!!

Sania Mirza has caused an earthquake of sorts not only at home but even in the US ... everyone knows her... even my grandmother !! This hard hitting vivacious gutsy girl has taken the US Open by storm...They say she is the mini Hurricane Katrina !! I am really looking forward to some hardcourt action from her... I decided to pen down her praises before her match with Sharapova... why... because the wait is killing me...
She completely wallops her opponent with her strong forehand and a backhand to match. Bartoli didnt stand a chance in the last match (I personally found Bartolli quite wierd). She goes for winners and doesnt hesitate to hit them hard.
Shes a rage with those trendy T-shirts, that nose ring, those earrings and... what an attitude!!!
Shes smart, candid and sassy off the court and a perfect tempest on it...
Lets wish her All the very Best for that big match with Sharapova...

Thursday, August 18, 2005

CATs out of the bag...?

To say that CAT aint easy is itself an understatement... it is uneqivocal certainly that CAT is a levithian task! For those like me aspiring for this coveted exam and the reward later the preparation continues to wreck havoc! My first test left me stymied... what have i not done for the last few months in class not to be able to decipher the intricacies and get through those labrynthine sections. Why does it have to be so complicated... you have to manage your time, your speed, your accuracy... end up concentrating on one and you are left in the middle of nowhere. Yet test after test you must be stoic unflinched and with neverending enthusiasm to get through the gruelling preparations...
God help us!!

Thursday, August 04, 2005


'Shit what are you saying ? Results tomorrow... Kahi kai... i dont believe you....'
'Areee... result!! what man!!'
' Results... big deal so?'
'Lets watch a movie at my place today according to our ritual nahi tar...'
'Eeeeeeee... im wearing red tomorrow just in case... you will be in your lucky shirt too na?'

Panic... fright...horror... anxiety... apprehension...eccentricity... even lunacy... you name it and you will find it !

Its result time!
What i am referring to is not the day of the result but to those days spent in agony and anticipation of the results, much awaited or otherwise. Rumours are ripe and with the help of some terror-ists with immense rumour spreading capabilities they reach far and wide and not once the 'dependable' sources are disclosed. I must tell you that our third year results were to arrive in our hands every day of the last week... agonised and frustrated many are now reaching the stage of come-near-me-and-i-will-kill-you!

Sem after sem the scenario is the same... wrecking your nerves... making the rounds of the students section where you literally get spat on... discussing... fearing that wretched external, or that horrible paper... yet we never learn do we...
By now we should have known not to trust rumours and not even the students section for that matter but yet...
With each passing sem we are more anxious of what destiny has in store for us maybe now we can gauge the importance of that sheet of paper better... for you may never know if you will turn out a 41 or a 14...
so for all those dying of this pain and suffering ....

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Rain floods Mumbai Posted by Picasa

Water water everywhere not a drop to drink!!!

It is tragic to see what the city of Mumbai is facing... the rain gods have lashed out against the city... thousands stranded without food, dry clothes or shelter, many buried under rocks from landslides and even more trapped in their homes and offices with nothing but the reassurance that the rain gods will have mercy on them some day... hopefully soon.
The lifeline of mumbai the local trains are at a standstill, the BEST is not functioning, the water is too deep for cars.... people are walking it home. People are stuck in their car with water flooding in... a person i know left marine drive to head home and reached thane, his destination 18 hours later!!
There are innumerable such stories of people struggling to get home but for those whose homes are now deep in water where do they go... there isnt dry land left in Mumbai...
And to add to their plight the rain continues.............

Monday, July 25, 2005

Death to the death-eaters

I just finished with Harry Potter and The half blood prince and i am still at Hogwarts by the lake side. For those who have read it you will know what i mean. As you may have inferred if you have read my blog that i am quite an emotional person, i feel the sorrow that i see or read... this is what precisely happened when i finished with the book. I was in the same state as all the characters in the book touched hurt and deeply wounded. For those who have not yet touched the enchanted 6th i shall not divulge into any details because the book is invaluable to disregard its worth and reveal its secrets to future readers. Long live harry potter and his brave set of friends and all the best to them ...

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Neglected deserted abandoned........

I cannot believe this day has come. The thought had never crossed my mind that life would play such tricks on me. This is the end, friends do not notice you or want you. When you turn there is no one for miles let alone two steps behind. What do you live for now? what will keep you going ? I can see satan pointing his long bloody fingers at me and saying "That is what you get when you dont blog regularly you ass" Huh?

On contemplating i agree with the big red 'horny' fellow... you get what you give (something like return gifts in birthday parties) in my case i gave nothing so i got nothing...zilch...zero...null. I agree its been too long. Sleeping Beauty must be getting a complex, we share the common love for slumber though mine has been a long siesta from the literary world. I also agree that although i do have my blogger in shining armour who endures the extended wait with patience to drop a comment, more comments would make my day.

SO from now on I pledge my devotion to Blogland and promise to give you a dose of prose more often... what say?

Saturday, July 09, 2005


I have realised that it is not just kids but adults too who go absolutely gaga over a new toy ( here I must declare that I have included myself in the study under the adults category).
I am a very proud (you may say excessively proud) owner of one of the latest models of a Sony Digicam. Although it has been days since I have bought it I still gush over it like a baby. I didn't know that one could get so possessive over its well being (sounds more appropriate for a boy friend). But all I can say is I am hooked; smitten by that shiny black body, all I can think of is to hold it in my hand and CLICK!
This happens all the time with almost everybody (except for those who have shunned all worldly possessions). Whether you get a new cell with/out a camera or a new awesome comp or sometime long ago your new bike you go through a phase in which all you can do is think of the latest entry in your life.
It just shows how much such possessions mean to us. Possessing something mean that 'belongs to you'...this you gets an identity an importance. Whatever said and done it may mean a lot to you for that standing amongst others or you may just like to concentrate you affection and attention on a new thing... your bike, cam, comp or g/bf.... but then it wears off right...?

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Herd of Wild Elephants at Dhikala,Corbett National Park,Uttaranchal Posted by Hello

I'm back...

My absense from the literary world of the nearly famous bloggers without prior notice is certainly unforgiveable, but due to certain unavoidable circumstances created by those controlling forces we call family i had to abstain myself from the creative kingdom. My humble apologies to all.
Actually I was up close and personal with nature allowing myself to be engulfed by the beauty and mystery of the Corbett National Park deep within the Kumaon ranges. Although the cat family refused the proposal of a rendezvous with us in their humble abode we developed a rapport with many other wild animals. Civilisation was something we left behind and even happily so; out of reach from all amidst the forest i found peace (considering i still had exam hangover). Futheron we explored the cultures of the northern regions, their variations, their colours. Returning home after a long soujorn it is good to be back yet something draws me, somewhere deep within a desire has kindled in my heart to decipher the gaze of those innocent eyes looking at me through the deep shadows of the forest.

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Who is he…?

This is a narrative about a certain incident which filled me with great empathy leaving a lump in my throat. The beggar i saw in college really shook me up... find out how and why!

As I walked in I let my eyes wander about aimlessly drinking in the now very familiar sights and sounds of the Boat Club, my second home. I looked around searching for familiar faces and many hands waved back in reply to my smile. Everything seemed the same just the way I had left it only a couple of hours ago. Well as every COEPian I may proudly say “all roads lead to the Boat Club”. That warm sip of tea (Note: quantity obtained is defined as a sip and not as a cup) that hot vada pao and that inviting cut dosa (spoiling yourself is allowed sometimes) does leave you wanting for more visits in the day. So Boat Club var chill lavne is a must each day.
Yet as I entered today something seemed amiss…something was wrong…I could sense it but could not point it out. There was an uncomfortable feel to the whole place. It felt as though there was an intruder somebody alien to my home had barged in. Sudden bursts of laughter distracted me from my thoughts and I hurried on to get an inside on the latest gossip. All disturbing thoughts left me momentarily as I settled down to fruitfully waste my time. I was thoroughly enjoying the whos dating whom talk when, in between outbursts of laughter and jovial crooning, I saw him!
There he stood like he had no worry in the world mumbling to himself looking here and there but seeing nothing. He stood out as if he didn’t want to belong here as if he had just lost his way, was headed elsewhere. Everybody noticed him but didn’t want to show it. Everybody looked at him, glanced sideways and watched his every move out of the corner of their eye. Yet he was immune to all the silent unrest, he didn’t sense it or maybe he didn’t care. Alas I realised what had made me uncomfortable… that man, that intruder.
Who was he? Where did he come from? His appearance showed that he had no belongings that he did not have a thing to call his own. Sanity had left him, maybe life had played a cruel joke on him. Some said he is a beggar; what was he doing in the college campus. Some thought he was too mad to have come here intentionally. Some already began to put their heads together for a solution to stop ‘such’ people from getting in. Some pitied him while others loathed him despised even the look of him but no one flinched a muscle.
He kept moving around talking to himself or some imaginary friend. He began eating out of empty plates, laughing as he did so maybe he offered some to his ‘friend’ who refused. Finally he was driven out by a few. On seeing this, immense sadness engulfed me. Here I am complaining that my mother forgot the essential pinch of salt in my vegetable when this man eats leftovers. Here we are fretting when our clothes get dirty when this man has hardly any on his weatherworn skin. What right do we have to protest of a year old pair of shoes when he has none on his feet?
He breathes the same air walks on the same earth but yet he is treated as an untouchable. What wrong has he done to you for you to despise his look feel disquieted by his presence? Nothing at all. But then “c’est la vie” it is life … for him a full meal is bliss… a roof on this head is royalty, things we take for granted. I believe that if you cannot extend your hand in aid atleast do not draw it away in abhorrence. Although your hands may be tied or too small to extend to help those in need true sympathy and compassion felt deep within the heart makes a human… human.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Friends Forever...

I had written this poem for a particular friend of mine when our friendship was going through turbulence. This poem has been a catalyst in bringing us closer together so that we remain..... Friends Forever!!!

Friends Forever...

I’ll do anything for you,
Anything you want me to,
That grin, that smile,
That laughter that goes a mile,
All I want is for you to be happy,
For us to be together…………
“Friends Forever”

I want to hold your hand,
Stand looking at the ocean feet deep in sand,
Talking about nothing at all,
As long as we are together……………
“Friends Forever”

I want you by my side,
All my life I want your helping hand,
Your calming voice, your soothing touch,
All my life I want us to be together……………
“Friends Forever”

I will never let go of you,
Even if I have to leave everything for you,
I will leave no stone unturned,
To help you stand in trying times,
I will not mind all that I have to lose,
To gain a friend like you,
As long as all my life, we are together………………
“Friends Forever”

My dear, I will always have you close to my heart,
I will always need you, want you,
To wipe the tear off my cheek, to make me smile,
To bring joy and happiness to my life,
Because without you I am incomplete,
I am what I am when we are together…………………
“Friends Forever”

Friday, May 13, 2005

I wrote the article 'What destiny had in store' just a few days after my illfated accident so that i could express my feelings at that time. Today after four months i am still suffering from vertigo attacks. It seems like it wll be quite a while if ever i return to normalcy.

What destiny had in store...

The pain surges into my head with every movement, even a nod results in excruciating agony. The burns and wounds behind my ear are slowly responding to medicines but they will forever leave a scar behind that would remind me of that ill-fated night when my mother and I were out, just shopping.
We were walking into a popular shopping arcade on an even busier road bustling with people. A new shop was being inaugurated at the hands of a famous model. The road was crowded to watch the spectacular display of fireworks in the sky. Nobody took notice of the fact that the firecrackers were laid dangerously in the middle of the road blocking vehicular traffic nor did they bother that the airborne crackers were bursting a little too low for comfort. As every other ignorant citizen I didn’t bother to give it another glance and walked on. That’s when catastrophe struck. There was a loud blast nearby and my mother having being hit on the back screamed out in pain. The agony in her eyes was frightening. Before I could react, that wretched firecracker hit me behind my ear. The noise of the blast was deafening all I could hear was a loud ringing. I screamed out in agony, I could hear nothing. All I could see was people running around, some came forward and asked if I could hear. Thank God I could hear!
My ear was all hot and swollen, the pain unbearable. I was taken to a nearby hospital, I could hardly manage the journey, it was traumatic. Although that the doctors and nurses were instantaneous in their aid the hospital certainly lacked the necessities of an emergency room. Running around for a swab of cotton is not what should be done when an accident case arrives. The ill-equipped medical store of the hospital didn’t have the required medicines for even burns. But all said and done I was taken care of, my burns and wounds tended to. The doctor checked for internal injuries but I had none luckily. I was left to rest till my right side swelled so much so that my ear was now thrice its size. It looked quite artificial and elephant like. One look at myself and I pondered: why me? But I found no answers just a throbbing wound and a sensitive swelling.
My health has slowly but steadily improved, the swelling has reduced my hearing has become almost normal and the pain has ebbed. According to doctors I narrowly escaped major damage to my brain, important nerves and blood vessels. Like every forgiving Indian in the hearts of whom the desire for revenge is overcome by humanity I have forgiven and forgotten that night. Yet every time I hear a firecracker burst, I flinch. As always I am still a fireworks lover, but today I have awakened from the slumber of ignorance. I request you all to follow certain safety measures to avoid such horrid accidents from taking place because you may never know, tomorrow fate may turn around on you.

Monday, May 09, 2005

Jassi or.... Jessica

Although people proclaim that looks do not matter , what they say is not what they believe. With the recent much debated Jassi makeover the fact has been strengthened beyond doubt that one is gauged by ones appearance. Jassi had become a lifeline to all those women who were constantly egged into believing that what beauty they do not possess was their shortcoming. The old Jassi in some way helped them believe in themselves and that nothing else matters as long as you have a sound character and you work hard. All their hopes were shattered when their own idol did a volte face on them. It is a fact that society has been biased with cindrella, the ugly duckling story and many Day-to-day instances like matrimonials for fair pretty girls being a proof of it, yet what comes forth as shocking is the recent survey that even parents are biased towards more attractive children. All said and done when one was getting the feeling that society as a wholewas coming of age, alas, one is sadly mistaken.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

First timer...

Hey... nice to see that you were actually interested in checking my blog out. Im absolutely new to this to tell you the truth i had to start from scratch ( i didnt know the full form of html)...
Kindly forgive me for any blunders and remember
Hope you have lots of comments to leave and ofcourse tips to improve this blog are welcome (as long as your suggestions dont start getting on my nerves)
All said and done im a first timer so handle with care ;o)

the 265th Pope Posted by Hello

Pope Benedict XVI

I was closely following the election of the new Pope to succeed theimmensely loved and respected Pope John Paul II. I was touched to seethe jubilation and happiness on the faces of thousands gathered whenPope Benedict XVI entered the balcony and delivered his openingspeech. Although his opening speech was not as impressive as that ofPope John Paul II I am looking forward to good work being done underhis guidance by the church. He is a man of God; simple, humble andfirm in his beliefs and actions.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

My letter to TOI

I was lucky enough to get my first letter to the editor of the Times of India published on the 13th of April 2005. I hope you take interest in it and for sure leave your comments.

E-way Bashing
This is with reference to your report, “Caution to the wind” (TOI, Apr. 3). Every article that comes up about the Pune-Mumbai expressway is negative to the extreme. It is time you took a break from the usual mudslinging at the expressway authorities.
I am a frequent traveller on the expressway and see nothing on the road that would come up as dangerous. If you observe the picture accompanying your report closely, you will find that there is no need for a diversion there, which indicates that the signboard was put up temporarily and even appropriately to avoid confusion. Every road needs maintenance, especially before the monsoons. Then why the distrust? If the exact reason for why certain roads were blocked is not known, then why infer that the authorities are not bothered. Why the pessimism?
According to statistics, more than 90 per cent of the accidents on the expressway occur due to the mistake of the driver: he is either catching 40 winks in the wee hours of the morning or is too drunk!
Instead of always jumping to conclusions about what the expressway authorities have not done or have done wrong, why not try and applaud the efforts of the alert Delta Force, or the installation of green plastic dividers in the ghats that cut out the direct beam of light from oncoming traffic, or the main advantage of a safe and fast journey?
— Sandnya Deshpande, Pune