Friday, January 19, 2007

To CAS or not to CAS!

This New years had a new surprise, The Conditional Access System or 'lovingly' called CAS has been enforced in parts of Mumbai. It was always on our minds thanks to the hundreds of advertisements, from BEST buses to hoardings, the service providers were all over the place selling their stuff but the excitement of the New Years Party had pushed Mr.CAS into some dark secluded corner of my mind.
Oblivious to the scenario, on the 1st of Jan, I switch on the TV and all i see is Udaya and SunTV and the likes! 50 free channels worth a load of shit stared back at me!
Then began the heated discussions as to what to chose... Tata Sky or Hathway or blah blah... Calculations, initial cost, channels to chose, availability, quality, opinion polls.... it was a full time 'BIG FIGHT'... All said and done we zeroed in on Hathway although TataSKY offered better reception quality and service... why because TataSKY was SOLD OUT!!!
A middle class family like ours took so much time to arrive at a suitable plan... why? Because they are sucking the life out of us!
The set top box STB costs a whooping 3000 bucks! Installation charges lie around 1000 while the monthly rent comes to a minimum of 300 rupees ... what does this add to ? A hole in our pockets!
True... you can chose the channels you want but at what price?!
Besides if you shift ... you invest all this again!!
If this is the situation at my home... consider the numerous people staying in chawls and slums... can they ever afford this!
Is CAS made for only the creme de la creme!
The broadcaster wants to increase his ratings, the operator wants to make a profit and the government wants to collect service and entertainment tax. Who is there for the consumers?

Friday, January 12, 2007


With a smile on my face and a tear in my eye,
I chose to say to you goodbye,
Sleep well dearie while all is sound,
who knows what would come around.
In the book of life there are chapters three,
the past the present and the yet to be,
what the future holds is uncertainty,
0f where we'll be led by destiny;
so sleep well dearie leave all fear,
cos today we're happy...
our hearts are clear.