Thursday, May 10, 2007

The tempest...

After days of calm a storm brewed,
The clouds burdened the earth darker grew,
The rain gods were angry,
They were hurt and pained,
The seamen had erred and so it shall rain.

They apologized from the depths of their hearts,
As they struggled to steer to save the masts,
As it rained and poured, they asked to be forgived,
It shall not repeat, they earnestly promised.

It was the right potion to win them over,
Love apology and time together,
The gods loved them too mush so,
The skies began to clear, the sun began to show,
The rage was shortlived as it is always so.

The seamen relieved after a stormy night,
Weary but joyous were full of life,
And as I wipe the tears off my eye,
You adjust your sails for a bright blue sky.

Monday, May 07, 2007

I am who I am...

Yesterday I was literally dragged to a Marathi Musical of Song and Dance called 'Marathi Bana' ( Marathi arrow) by my mother who refused to take no for an answer. I was as usual reluctant about any entertainment in the Marathi medium. 'I dont like it' ' It isnt of the level of my liking' 'I dont understand a thing' were my usual excuses... But I'm glad I went...

It was a beautiful performance. All acts were well coordinated and perfected, you were not given a chance to get distracted by anything. But all this is superficial, the performance was a professionally handled, well rehearsed art form. Then what it is that made it different?
It struck a chord... It brought those goosepimples... It made me proud... of who I am... Marathi!

As a child learning in English medium Parsi and Convent schools, English was always the language of comfort. Perfecting English and leaving Marathi far behind was commonplace. So what? Who needs Marathi in this world? It is true I know, and I know my Marathi will not improve but I now believe that more than the language what matters is what you retain within you. Language is just a part of what makes you who you are. The traditions, the customs passed on for generations; the rich heritage in the form of folk songs, folklores, dance forms make up our past. The different Gods and Goddesses, their stories, their bhajans, their bhakti is what runs in our blood... It is our heritage... We were born with links and ties which cannot and should not be severed... Being aware of who you are... of which family you are born into and being proud of it makes us complete...

It is true that today we are very adaptable which is a good trait no doubt, but somewhere all of us are forgetting our roots. It is right to give up orthodoxy and it is right to question customs you dont agree with... But it is also right to say your morning Marathi prayer, it is also right to celebrate Ganeshchaturthi, it is also right to visit your Kuldaivat (Family deity).

Today given a choice I know I will still speak in English, not wear a nine yard saree nor go for Marathi movies but I know that deep down inside I am a Marathi Manus (Marathi Person) and very proud to be one... And if anyone objects or raising a finger at my roots I will draw swords...

Jai Maharashtra!