Thursday, August 18, 2005

CATs out of the bag...?

To say that CAT aint easy is itself an understatement... it is uneqivocal certainly that CAT is a levithian task! For those like me aspiring for this coveted exam and the reward later the preparation continues to wreck havoc! My first test left me stymied... what have i not done for the last few months in class not to be able to decipher the intricacies and get through those labrynthine sections. Why does it have to be so complicated... you have to manage your time, your speed, your accuracy... end up concentrating on one and you are left in the middle of nowhere. Yet test after test you must be stoic unflinched and with neverending enthusiasm to get through the gruelling preparations...
God help us!!

Thursday, August 04, 2005


'Shit what are you saying ? Results tomorrow... Kahi kai... i dont believe you....'
'Areee... result!! what man!!'
' Results... big deal so?'
'Lets watch a movie at my place today according to our ritual nahi tar...'
'Eeeeeeee... im wearing red tomorrow just in case... you will be in your lucky shirt too na?'

Panic... fright...horror... anxiety... apprehension...eccentricity... even lunacy... you name it and you will find it !

Its result time!
What i am referring to is not the day of the result but to those days spent in agony and anticipation of the results, much awaited or otherwise. Rumours are ripe and with the help of some terror-ists with immense rumour spreading capabilities they reach far and wide and not once the 'dependable' sources are disclosed. I must tell you that our third year results were to arrive in our hands every day of the last week... agonised and frustrated many are now reaching the stage of come-near-me-and-i-will-kill-you!

Sem after sem the scenario is the same... wrecking your nerves... making the rounds of the students section where you literally get spat on... discussing... fearing that wretched external, or that horrible paper... yet we never learn do we...
By now we should have known not to trust rumours and not even the students section for that matter but yet...
With each passing sem we are more anxious of what destiny has in store for us maybe now we can gauge the importance of that sheet of paper better... for you may never know if you will turn out a 41 or a 14...
so for all those dying of this pain and suffering ....