Saturday, May 21, 2005

Who is he…?

This is a narrative about a certain incident which filled me with great empathy leaving a lump in my throat. The beggar i saw in college really shook me up... find out how and why!

As I walked in I let my eyes wander about aimlessly drinking in the now very familiar sights and sounds of the Boat Club, my second home. I looked around searching for familiar faces and many hands waved back in reply to my smile. Everything seemed the same just the way I had left it only a couple of hours ago. Well as every COEPian I may proudly say “all roads lead to the Boat Club”. That warm sip of tea (Note: quantity obtained is defined as a sip and not as a cup) that hot vada pao and that inviting cut dosa (spoiling yourself is allowed sometimes) does leave you wanting for more visits in the day. So Boat Club var chill lavne is a must each day.
Yet as I entered today something seemed amiss…something was wrong…I could sense it but could not point it out. There was an uncomfortable feel to the whole place. It felt as though there was an intruder somebody alien to my home had barged in. Sudden bursts of laughter distracted me from my thoughts and I hurried on to get an inside on the latest gossip. All disturbing thoughts left me momentarily as I settled down to fruitfully waste my time. I was thoroughly enjoying the whos dating whom talk when, in between outbursts of laughter and jovial crooning, I saw him!
There he stood like he had no worry in the world mumbling to himself looking here and there but seeing nothing. He stood out as if he didn’t want to belong here as if he had just lost his way, was headed elsewhere. Everybody noticed him but didn’t want to show it. Everybody looked at him, glanced sideways and watched his every move out of the corner of their eye. Yet he was immune to all the silent unrest, he didn’t sense it or maybe he didn’t care. Alas I realised what had made me uncomfortable… that man, that intruder.
Who was he? Where did he come from? His appearance showed that he had no belongings that he did not have a thing to call his own. Sanity had left him, maybe life had played a cruel joke on him. Some said he is a beggar; what was he doing in the college campus. Some thought he was too mad to have come here intentionally. Some already began to put their heads together for a solution to stop ‘such’ people from getting in. Some pitied him while others loathed him despised even the look of him but no one flinched a muscle.
He kept moving around talking to himself or some imaginary friend. He began eating out of empty plates, laughing as he did so maybe he offered some to his ‘friend’ who refused. Finally he was driven out by a few. On seeing this, immense sadness engulfed me. Here I am complaining that my mother forgot the essential pinch of salt in my vegetable when this man eats leftovers. Here we are fretting when our clothes get dirty when this man has hardly any on his weatherworn skin. What right do we have to protest of a year old pair of shoes when he has none on his feet?
He breathes the same air walks on the same earth but yet he is treated as an untouchable. What wrong has he done to you for you to despise his look feel disquieted by his presence? Nothing at all. But then “c’est la vie” it is life … for him a full meal is bliss… a roof on this head is royalty, things we take for granted. I believe that if you cannot extend your hand in aid atleast do not draw it away in abhorrence. Although your hands may be tied or too small to extend to help those in need true sympathy and compassion felt deep within the heart makes a human… human.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Friends Forever...

I had written this poem for a particular friend of mine when our friendship was going through turbulence. This poem has been a catalyst in bringing us closer together so that we remain..... Friends Forever!!!

Friends Forever...

I’ll do anything for you,
Anything you want me to,
That grin, that smile,
That laughter that goes a mile,
All I want is for you to be happy,
For us to be together…………
“Friends Forever”

I want to hold your hand,
Stand looking at the ocean feet deep in sand,
Talking about nothing at all,
As long as we are together……………
“Friends Forever”

I want you by my side,
All my life I want your helping hand,
Your calming voice, your soothing touch,
All my life I want us to be together……………
“Friends Forever”

I will never let go of you,
Even if I have to leave everything for you,
I will leave no stone unturned,
To help you stand in trying times,
I will not mind all that I have to lose,
To gain a friend like you,
As long as all my life, we are together………………
“Friends Forever”

My dear, I will always have you close to my heart,
I will always need you, want you,
To wipe the tear off my cheek, to make me smile,
To bring joy and happiness to my life,
Because without you I am incomplete,
I am what I am when we are together…………………
“Friends Forever”

Friday, May 13, 2005

I wrote the article 'What destiny had in store' just a few days after my illfated accident so that i could express my feelings at that time. Today after four months i am still suffering from vertigo attacks. It seems like it wll be quite a while if ever i return to normalcy.

What destiny had in store...

The pain surges into my head with every movement, even a nod results in excruciating agony. The burns and wounds behind my ear are slowly responding to medicines but they will forever leave a scar behind that would remind me of that ill-fated night when my mother and I were out, just shopping.
We were walking into a popular shopping arcade on an even busier road bustling with people. A new shop was being inaugurated at the hands of a famous model. The road was crowded to watch the spectacular display of fireworks in the sky. Nobody took notice of the fact that the firecrackers were laid dangerously in the middle of the road blocking vehicular traffic nor did they bother that the airborne crackers were bursting a little too low for comfort. As every other ignorant citizen I didn’t bother to give it another glance and walked on. That’s when catastrophe struck. There was a loud blast nearby and my mother having being hit on the back screamed out in pain. The agony in her eyes was frightening. Before I could react, that wretched firecracker hit me behind my ear. The noise of the blast was deafening all I could hear was a loud ringing. I screamed out in agony, I could hear nothing. All I could see was people running around, some came forward and asked if I could hear. Thank God I could hear!
My ear was all hot and swollen, the pain unbearable. I was taken to a nearby hospital, I could hardly manage the journey, it was traumatic. Although that the doctors and nurses were instantaneous in their aid the hospital certainly lacked the necessities of an emergency room. Running around for a swab of cotton is not what should be done when an accident case arrives. The ill-equipped medical store of the hospital didn’t have the required medicines for even burns. But all said and done I was taken care of, my burns and wounds tended to. The doctor checked for internal injuries but I had none luckily. I was left to rest till my right side swelled so much so that my ear was now thrice its size. It looked quite artificial and elephant like. One look at myself and I pondered: why me? But I found no answers just a throbbing wound and a sensitive swelling.
My health has slowly but steadily improved, the swelling has reduced my hearing has become almost normal and the pain has ebbed. According to doctors I narrowly escaped major damage to my brain, important nerves and blood vessels. Like every forgiving Indian in the hearts of whom the desire for revenge is overcome by humanity I have forgiven and forgotten that night. Yet every time I hear a firecracker burst, I flinch. As always I am still a fireworks lover, but today I have awakened from the slumber of ignorance. I request you all to follow certain safety measures to avoid such horrid accidents from taking place because you may never know, tomorrow fate may turn around on you.

Monday, May 09, 2005

Jassi or.... Jessica

Although people proclaim that looks do not matter , what they say is not what they believe. With the recent much debated Jassi makeover the fact has been strengthened beyond doubt that one is gauged by ones appearance. Jassi had become a lifeline to all those women who were constantly egged into believing that what beauty they do not possess was their shortcoming. The old Jassi in some way helped them believe in themselves and that nothing else matters as long as you have a sound character and you work hard. All their hopes were shattered when their own idol did a volte face on them. It is a fact that society has been biased with cindrella, the ugly duckling story and many Day-to-day instances like matrimonials for fair pretty girls being a proof of it, yet what comes forth as shocking is the recent survey that even parents are biased towards more attractive children. All said and done when one was getting the feeling that society as a wholewas coming of age, alas, one is sadly mistaken.