Saturday, February 10, 2007

when in life I took a plunge...

Life was all bliss, complete and flawless,
No rough waters just calmness and stillness,
The sun was shining down on me,
Bright warm sunshine reached out to see,
Is life perfect it asked, are you happy?
All I did was smile back, eyes sparkling will joy,
It could get better, it wouldnt get worse.
I had everything I ever wanted,
The path I chose crystal clear,
My supports and anchors stood near,
Egging me on to be strong,
To reach the pinnacle of success not far long.
As i reached across to grasp my dreams and goals,
I looked back for my anchors hold,
But all of a sudden there was nothing there,
Just darkness I saw in despair,
I stood at the edge of a great abyss,
I had only one way to go,
The sun had disappeared and dark clouds gathered,
In fear of the lighning I covered,
This is not right things cant go awry,
I called out to them and did cry,
But all i saw was darkness around,
Slowly my mind and heart it found,
I stood there in fear as voices appeared,
They pushed me forward towards the end,
And then in the unhappy darkness I took the plunge...