Tuesday, December 27, 2005

When I look into your eye……

Yesterday, I looked into your eyes,
I knew at once they held no lies,
And all I saw was true love,
Reaching out to me like a free dove.
I lowered my eyes with fear,
That the look may drive me near,
May make my eyes linger in yours,
Make me drown in love so pure.
I’m afraid to open out the door,
Although my heart may want for more,
My mind tells me you may lose all,
And it may lead to an autumn fall.
But then I know I have to let go,
Because without opening your wings you will never soar,
You may not know what is in store,
Because life is a mystery right to the core.
And more mysterious are your ways,
And so my heart to me says:
All that you felt was dear,
Was always held close and near,
Then why do you distance a heart of gold,
The warmth in the chilling cold.
Your simple ways and smiling face,
Have found in my heart a special place,
So do I fear the future,
Of the relationship we have to nurture?
No, it is the fear of a person,
The person who is I,
Because afraid to let go I still don’t know,
What I must do when I look into your eye.